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Last Updated: Thursday, August 14,2003

Pronunciation of Mayan Names

There are millions of Mayans alive today. The pronunciation has changed from the old days somewhat because of the Spanish influence. However the Spanish attempted to record the pronunciation of Mayan deities. English spellings of Spanish words need to keep these rules in mind.

Spelling of Quetzacoatl in English is the Spanish spelling. QUE is not like in 'question' but like in the Spanish "Que passa?" which sounds like "KAY PASSA". (Actually it sounds close to "kuh passa" but let the scholars think they can speak it)

We are indebted to web pages at Crystal Links where they list the major glyphs and their pronunciation for time units used in Mayan calendars. As always the fun pages researched by Dominic Marks and found at Magic Names for Mystic Cats, was used to fine tune the pronunciation rules, and their applications.

The conventions to convey phonetic sounds are these: The official pronounciation rules are these: