Table of Miscellaneous Gods

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Aatxe Aide Atarrabi and Mikleats Akerbeltz ...
Basandre Basajaun Beigorri Benzozia Betadur
Eate Ekhi Erdiste Erge Etsai
Euri Gaueko Herensugue Ilazki Inguma
Itsaso Lamia Laminak Lur Maju
Mari Orko Sugaar Torto

(Ortzi, Urcia, Yaun-Goikoa]

... ... ... The Last of the Basques

A short history of the Basque

A short outline of the pre-Christian mythology

Celtic-Roman-Greek Mixture
These gods don't fit very well into any of the above cultures, it is a little of each ( or any two) and may be deities from an earlier period which was incorporated by one of the conquering or settling people.
Abandinus Aericura Abnoba Acis Adranus



(Alannus, Alounis)

Ambisagrus Ancamna Angitia Ataecina
Befana Contrebis Daho Dercetius Duillae
Neto(n) Semnocosus Vestius Alonieus ... Done

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