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Here is the beginning of the defeat and destruction of the day of Seven Macaw by the two boys, the first named Hunahpu and the second named Xbalanque. Being gods, the two of them saw evil in his attempt at self-magnification before the Heart of Sky. So the boys talked:
"It is no good without life, without people here on the face of the earth."
"Well then, lets take a shot. We could kill him while he's at his meal. We could make him ill, then put an end to his riches, his jade, his metal, his jewels, his gems, the source of his brilliance. Everyone might do as he does, but it should not come to be that fiery splendor is merely a matter of metal. So be it, " said the boys, each one with a blowgun on his shoulder, the two of them together.

And this Seven Macaw has two sons: the first of these is Zipacna and the second is the Earthquake. And Chimalmat is the name of their mother, the wife of Seven Macaw.
And this is Zipacna, this is the one to build up the great mountains: Fire Mouth, Hanuhpu, Cave by the Water, Xcanul, Macamob, Haliznab, as the names of the mountains that were there at the dawn are spoken. They wre brought forth by Zipacna in a single night.
And now this the Earthquake. The mountains are moved by him; the mountains, small and great, are softened by him. The sons of Seven Macaw did this just as a means of self-magnification.
"Here am I: I am the sun," said Seven Macaw.
"Here am I: I am the maker of the earth," said Zipacna.
"As for me, I bring down the sky. I make an avalanche of all the earth, " said Earthquake. The sons of Seven Macaw are alike and like him: they got their greatness from their farther.
And the two boys saw evil in this, since our first mother and father could not yet be made. Therefore deaths and disappearances were planned by the two boys.

And here is the shooting of Seven Macaw by the two boys. We shall explain the defeat of each one of those who engage in self-magnification This is the great tree of Seven Macaw, a nance, and this is the food of Seven Macaw. In order to eat the fruit of the nance he goes up the tree every day. Since Hunahpu and Xbalanque have seen where he feeds, they are now hiding beneath the tree of Seven Macaw, they are keeping quiet here, the two boys are in the leaves of the tree.
And when Seven Macaw arrived, perching over his meal, the nance, it was then that he was shot by Hanahpu. The blowgun shot went right to his jaw, breaking his mouth. Then he went up over the tree and fell flat on the ground. Suddenly Hunahpu appeared, running. He set out to grab him, but actually it was the arm of Hunahpu that was seized by Seven Macaw. He yanked it straight back, he bent it back at the shoulder. Then Seven Macaw tore it right out of Hunahpu. Even so, the boys did well as the first round was not their defeat by Seven Macaw
And when Seven Macaw had taken the arm of Hunahpu he went home. Holding his jaw very carefully, he arrived home.
"What have you got there?" Chimalmat said, the wife of Seven Macaw.
"What is it but those two tricksters! They've shot me, they dislocated my jaw. All my teeth are loose, and now they ache. But once what I've got is over the fire - hanging there, dangling over the fire - then they can just come and get it. They're nothing but tricksters!" said Seven Macaw, then he hung up the arm of Hanahpu.
Meanwhile Hanahpu and Xbalanque were thinking. And then they involked a grandfather, a truly white-haired grandfather and a grandmother, a truly humble grandmother - bent over elderly people. Great White Peccary is the name of the grandfather and Great White Tapir is the name of the grandmother. The boys said to the grandmother and grandfather:
"Please travel with us when we go to get our arm from Seven Macaw, we'll just follow right behind you. You"ll tell him:
"Forgive our children who travel with us. Their mother and father are dead, and so they follow along behind us. Perhaps we should give them away since all we do pull worms out of teeth." So we'll seem like children to Seven Macaw, even though we're giveing you the instructions," the two boys told them.
"Very well," they replied.
After that they approached the place where Seven Macaw was in front of his home. When the grandmother and grandfather passed by, the two boys were romping along behind them. When they passed below the lord's house, Seven Macaw was yelling loudly because of his teeth. And when Seven Macaw say the grandfather and grandmother travelling with them:
"Where are headed, our grandfather?" said the lord.
"We're just making our living, your lordship," they replied.
"Why are you working for a living? Aren't those your children traveling with you?"
"No they are our grandchildren, your lordship," they replied. They are our grandchildren, our descendants, but it is nevertheless we who take pity on them. The bit of food they get is the portion we give them, your lordship," replied the grandmother and grandfather. Since the lord is overwhelmed by the pain in his teeth it is with great effort that he says:
"I implore you, please take pity on me! What sweets can you make, what poisons can you cure?" said the lord.
"We just pull worms out of teeth, and we just cure eyes. We also set bones, your lordship," said they.
"Very well, please cure my teeth. They really ache, every day. It's horrible! I get no sleep because of them. They just shot me, those two tricksters! Ever since it started I haven't eaten because of it. Therefore take pity on me! My teeth are loose now."
"Very well, your lordship. It's a worm, gnawing at the bone. It's merely a matter of putting in a replacement and taking out the teeth sir."
"But perhaps it is not good for my teeth to come out - since I am, after all, a lord. My finery is my teeth, and my eyes."
"But then we'll put in a replacement. Ground bone will be put back in". And they held up a bag holding not bone but white corn.
"Very well. Yank them out! Give me some relief!" the lordship said.
And when the teeth of Seven Macaw came out, it was only white corn that went in as a replacement for them. His face fell at once, he no longer looked like a lord. The last of his teeth came out, the jewels that had stood out from his mouth were gone.
And then the eyes of Seven Macaw were cured. When his eyes were trimmed back the last of his metal came out. Still he felt no pain; he just looked on while the last of his greatness left him. It was just as Hunahpu and Xbalanque had intended.
And when Seven Macaw died., Hanuhpu got back his arm. Chamlmat, the wife of Seven Macaw, also died of despair.
Such was the loss of the riches of Seven Macaw, only the doctors got the jewels, and gems that had made him arrogant on the face of the earth. The gemnius of the grandmother, the genius of the grandfather did its work when they took back the ar. It was implanted and the join healed. Just as they wished the death of Seven Macaw, so they brought it about. They saw evil in his self-magnification.
After this the two boys went on again. What they did was simply obeying the word of the Heart of Sky.

And here are the deeds of Zipacna, the first son of Seven Macaw.
"I am the maker of mountains," says Zipacna.
And this is Zipacna, bathing on the shore. Then the Four Hundred Boys passed by dragging a log, a post for their hut. The Four Hundred BOys were walking long, having cut a great tree for the lintel of their hut.
And then Zipacna went theere, he came to where the Four Hundred Boys were:
"What are you doing, boys?" "It;s just this log. We can't lift it up to carry it home."
"I'll carry it. Where does it go? What do you want it for?"
"It is just a lintel for our hut."
"Very well," he replied.
And then he pulled it, or rather carried it right on up to the entrance of the hut of the Four Hundred Boys.
"You could just stay with us. Do you have a mother and a father?"
"Not any more," he replied.
"We'd like some help tomorrow in cutting another one of our logs, a post for our hut."
"Good," he replied.
After that the Four Hundred Boys shared their thoughts.
"About his fellow, what should we do with him?"
"We should kill him, because what he does is dangerous to us. He lifted that log all by himself. Let's dig a big hole for him, and then we'll throw him down the hole. We'll say to him:
"Why are you spilling dirt into the holle? And when he is wedged down in the hole we'll wham a big log down behind him. Then he should die in the hole," said this boy.
And when they had dog a hole, one that went deep, they called for Zipacna:
"We're asking you to please go on digging out the dirt. We can't go on," he was told.
"Very well," he replied.
Then he began digging the hole. But the only hole he dug was for his own salvation. He realized that he was to be killed, so he dug a separate hole to one side, he dug a second hole for safety.
"How far is it?" the Four Hundred Boys called down to him.
"I'm digging fast. When I call up to you, the diging will be finished." said Zipacana, from down in the hole. But he's not digging at the bottom of the hole, his own grave, rather , he is digging the hole for his own salvation.
After that, when Zipacna called out, he had gone to safety in his own hole. Then he called out: "Come here, take the dirt, the fill from the hole. It's been dug. I've really gone down deep! Can't you hear my call? As for you call, it just echoes echoes down here. It sounds to me as if you were on another lvel, or two levels away," said Zipacna from his hole.
Meanwhile, a big log is being dragged along by the boys.
And then they threw the log down in the hole.
"Isn't he there?" He doesn't speak."
"Let's keep on listening. He should cry out when he dies," they said among themselves. They're just whispering, to the places where they have hidden themselves, each on of them, after throwing down the log.
And then he did speak. He gave a signle cry. He called out when the log fell to the bottom.
"Right on! He been killed."

Very good. We've done him in, he's dead."
"What if he had gone on with his deeds, his works? He would have made himself first among us and taken our place." they said. Now they enjoyed themselves.
"Let's make our sweet drink! Three days will pass and after three days let's drink to dedicate our hut - we, the Four Hundred Boys!" they said. " And tomorrow we'll see, and on the day after tomorrow we'll see whether or not ants come from the ground when he's stinking and rotting. After that our hearts will be content when we drink our seet drin." they said. But Zipacna was listening from the hole when the boys specified "they day after tomorrow."
And on the second day, when the ants collected, they wer running, swarming. Having taken their pickings under the log.They were everywhere, carrying hair in their mouths and carrying the nails of Zipacna. When the boys saw this:
"He's finished, that trickster! Look here how the ants have stripped him, how they've swarmed. Everywhere they carry hair in their mouths.His nails you can see. We've done it!" they said among themselves.
But this Zipacna is still alive. He just hair off his head and chews off his nails to give them to the ants.
And so the Four Hundred Boys thought he had died.
After that, their sweet drink was ready on the third day, and then all the boys drank of it, and once they were drunk, all four hundred of those boys were not feeling a athing.
As they slept, the whole hut was brought down on top of them by Zipacna. All of the boys were completely flattened. Not even one or two were saved from among all the Four Hundred Boys. They were killed by Zipacna, the son of Seven Macaw.
Such was the death of those Four Hundred Boys. And it used to be said that they becaame a constellation, named Hundred after them, but perhaps not.
And this is where we shall explain the defeat of Zipacna by the two boys, Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

Now this is the defeat and death of Zipacna, when he was beaten by the two boys, Hunahpu and Xbalanque.
It's mere fish and crabs that Zipacna looks for in the waters but he's eating every day, going around looking for his food by day and lifting up mountains by night.
Next comes the counterfeiting of a great crab by Hunahpu and Xbalanque.
And they used bromelia flowers, picked from the bromelias of the forests. These becomes the forearms of the crab, and where they opened were the claws. They used a flagstone for the back of the crab, which clattered.
After that they put the shell beneath an overhang, at the foot of a great mountain. Meauan is the name of the mountain where the defeat took place.
After that, when the boys came along, they found Zipacna by the water.
"Where are you going?" Zipacna was asked.
"I am not going anywhere. I am looking for my food.", Zipacna replied.
"What's your food?"
"Just fish and crabs, but there aren't any that I can find. It's been two days since I stopped getting meals. By now I can't stand the hunger," Zipacan told Hunahpu and Zbalanque.
"There is that crab that is down in the canyon. A really big crab! Perhaps you might manage to eat her. We were just getting bitten. We wanted to catch her, but we got scared by her. If she hasn't gone away you could catch her." said Hunahpu and Zbalanque.
"Take pity on me, please come pointer out." said Zibanca.
"We don't want to, but you go ahead. You can't miss her. Just follow the river, and you go staright on over there below a great mountain. She's clattering there at the bottom of the canyon. Just head on over there," said Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

" Won't you please take pity on me? What if she can't be found? If yhou come along I'll show you a place where there are plenty of birds. Please come shoot them. I know where they are." The boys consented. He walked ahead of them
"What if you can't catch the crab? Just as we had to turnback so will you. Not only didn't we eat her, but all at once she was biting us. We are entering face down now but we had to enter on our back. So you should enter on your back as well."
"Very well," Zipacna replied. Now Zipacna had company as he went. The walked to the bottom of the canyon.
The crab was on her side, her shell gleaming red.
"Very good!" Zipacna is happy now. He wishes she was already in his mouth. She will cure his hunger. He wants to eat her. He went in face down but the crab moved to get on top on him he backed out.
"You didn't reach her?"
"No. She was just getting on top. I just barely missed her. I will enter on my back."
So he entered on his back. He entered all the way, only his kneecaps were showing now! He gave a last sigh and was still. Down on him the brothers moved the mountain. Zipacana turned to stone.
So the brothers defeated Zipacna. He was the second to magnify himself, and nwo we shall speak what is spoken of another brother.

And the third to magnify himself is the second son of Seven Macaw, named Earthquake.
"I am the breaker of mountains," he said. Hurricane spoke to Hunahpu and Xbalanque:
"The second son of Seven Macaw is another one who should be defeated. This is my word because they are trying to surpass the sun. They are surpassing the sun in size and in wieght and it should not be that way. Lure this Earthquake into settling down over there in the east."
"Very well, your lordship. Three is more to be done. What we see is no good. Isn't it a question of your position and your status, Heart of Sky?"
Earthquake pressed on. Just by lightly tapping his foot on the ground he instantly demolishes the mountains, great and small.
He met up with the two boys. "Where are you going?" they asked Earthquake.
"I am not going anywhere. I just scatter the mountains, and I break them in the course of the days. So where are do you come from? I do not know your faces. What are your names?:
"We have no names. We just hunt and trap in the mountains. We're just orphans, we have nothing to call our own. We're just making our way among the moutains small and great. And there is one great mountain we saw that just growing right up into the sky. It is just swelling up, rising above all the othrs. And there were not even one or two birds to be found. Could you destroy such a mount?"
"It can not be true you saw such a mountain. Where is it? You would see me knock it down. Where did you see it?"
"Well over there in the east."
"Good. Lead the way."
"Not so. You take the middle. Stay here between us. One of us at your left, the other at your right. We have blowguns, if there are birds we will shoot them. "
And this is the way they shoot. They do not use shot. They just blow at the birds. And the birds fell out of the trees and the sky. Earthquake was amazed."
And then the boys made fire with a drill, and roasted the birds over the fire. One of the birds they covered with gypsum.
"This is the one we'll give him when he is hungry and smells our roasting birds. In earth we cook them, in earth will be his grave so that the great maker and modeler shall have a sowing and a dawning."
"As we roast the human heart will desire the meat as Earthquake will desire it.". Then they roasted the birds and cooked them until they were brown, dripping with fat that oozed from the backs of the birds, an overwhelming fragrant aroma.
With this smell, Earthquake is hungry, his mouth fills with saliva, he gulps it and slurps it as the fragrance of the cooking birds surrounds him. So he asks:
"What are you eating? I smell a truly delicious aroma! Please give me a little bit, " he said. And when they gave a a bird to Earthquake he was good as defeated.
After he had finished off the bird, they went on until they arrived in the east, where the great mountain ws.
Meanwhile Earthquake had lost the strength in his legs and arms. He couldn't go on because of the earth that coated the bird he had eaten. So now there was nothing he could do to the mountain. He never recovered. He was destroyed. The two boys bound him. His hands were bound behind him, his ankles to his wrists.
After that they buried him in the earth.
Such is the defeat of Earthquake. It's Hunahpu and Xbalanque yet again. Their deeds on the face of the earth are countless.
And now we shall explain the birth of Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

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