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Sport Deities
Name Origin Authority
Aea Greek (female) Hunting
Agrotera Greek (female) Hunting
Alcis Greek (female) Physical Strength
Alfhild Scandinavian (female) Wrestling
Alopurbi India (female) Hunting
Anat Canaanite (female) Hunting
Anyigba Togo/Africa (female) Hunting luck
Apollo Greek Archery
Arcadian Greek (female) Hunting
Arge Greek (female) Hunting
Artemis Greek (female) Archery/Hunting
Astarte Canaanite (female) Hunting
Atida Uganda/Africa (female) Hunting
Bereginy Slavic (female)es Hunting
Bes Egyptian Recreation/Relaxation
Britomartis Cretan (female) Fishing/Hunting
Bumeral Australian (female) Physical prowess
Cheng San-Kung Chinese Fishing
Cista Persian (female) Physical prowess
Coti Bushman/Africa (female) Hunting
Debena Slavic (female) Hunting
Devana Slavic (female) Hunting
Diana Roman (female) Hunting
Dilwica Slavic (female) Hunting
Dorina Nigerian (female) Hunting
Dornoll Celtic (female) Physical prowess
Elli Scandinavian (female) Wrestling
Fenja Scandinavian (female) Physical prowess
Fu Hsi Chinese Fishing nets
Grid Scandinavian (female) Strength
Gwyn ap Nudd Celtic Hunting
Hastsehogan Navajo Racing
Hastseoltoi Navaho (female) Hunting
Hecaerge Greek (female) Archery
Hermes Greek Athletes/Sport Gambling
Hsu Ch'ang Chinese Archery
Hunahpu-Vuch Mayan (female) Fox hunting
Ises African (female) Bow and Arrow
Ixtlilton Aztec Games
Kuanja Angola (female) Hunting
Kyanwa Nigerian (female) Hunting
Levarcham Irish (female) Physical prowess
Lot Irish (female) Physical prowess/Strength
Macha Irish (female) Sports
Macuilxochitl Aztec Sport Gambling
Mixcoatl Aztec Hunting
Ndauthina Fijian Fishing
Neith Egyptian (female) Hunting
Nike Greek Victory
Nit Egyptian (female) Hunting
Njord Scandinavian Fishing
Nohuichana Aztec (female) Hunting
Pinga Inuit Hunting
Pushti India (female) Physical prowess/Strength
Saci India (female) Physical prowess/Strength
Satet Egyptian (female) Archery/Hunting
Sthenias Greek (female) Physical prowess/Strength
Stheno Greek (female) Physical prowess/Strength
Strenua Roman (female) Physical prowess/Strength
Tangaroa Polynesian Fishing
Tekkeitserktock Inuit Hunting
Tlazolteotl Aztec (female) Sport Gambling
Tung Lu Chinese Snow/Skis
Turi-a-faumea Polynesian Fishing
Tyr Norse Sports
Ubastet Egyptian (female) Hunting
Ull Germanic Archery/Hunting/Skis
Urjani Hindu (female) Physical prowess/Strength
Utlunta Cherokee (female) Physical prowess
Vacuna Roman (female) Leisure
Victoria Roman Victory
Viranakka Saami (female) Hunting
Wagadu African (female) Physical prowess
Wang the Pure Chinese Sport Gambling
Zvoruna Slavic Hunting

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